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Our Top Thanksgiving Picks for 2022!

Another year, another Thanksgiving. Or is it?! Spice up your Thanksgiving by weaving some new flavors into the spread.

Cranberry Salsa goes beautifully with turkey AND turkey sandwiches. Hot Honey Bacon Twists, well, they don't really need an explanation, do they? And don't forget about our classic with a twist — Saffron Mashed Potatoes. Need a showstopper? Have a look at the glorious Cranberry Curd Tart.

From cocktails to sweets, there's something here for every table. Don't forget to check back for our annual Thanksgiving playlist!

Wishing you all the happiest of Thanksgivings with your loved ones!

xoxo Donata & Kirsty

Cranberry, Aperol & Ginger Cocktail

Spicy Shrimp Cups

Salmon Spread Appetizer

Hot Honey Bacon Twists

Saffron Mashed Potatoes

Get-Ahead Gravy

Cranberry Jellies

Prepare Ahead Vegetable Platter

Roasted Bacon & Sage Wrapped Pumpkin with Grapes

Sausage, Butternut Squash, Kale & Leek Stuffing

Cranberry Jalapeño Salsa

Apple Almond Tart

Vanilla Ice Cream with Bourbon-Salted Caramel

Cranberry Curd Tart

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