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Honey Soy Glazed Baked Salmon Filet with Edamame Wasabi Purée

Baked Salmon? Always! Honey Soy Glazed Baked Salmon Filet with Edamame Wasabi Purée? Absolutely friggin’ awesome! Salmon is always such a lovely, easy food to make, but the marinade with soy, honey and garlic totally sends the flavor over the top. Cape gooseberries add a lovely tartness and where would we (i.e. this gal right here! 🙋🏻‍♀️) be without a scallion or two thrown in there?

And this Edamame Wasabi Purée is a total revelation. The slight sweetness of the edamame pairs so well with the hotness of the wasabi, I know you’re going to love it!

xoxo Donata


Serves 2

2 salmon filets, 5-6 oz (150 g) each

2 tbsp runny honey

4 tbsp low sodium soy sauce

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, separated

4 cloves garlic, minced

3 oz (90 g) scallions, white and light green parts only

4,5 oz (125 g) cape gooseberries, papery calyx and stems removed

9 oz (250 g) shelled, cooked edamame

2 tbsp (30 g) butter

1 tbsp (15 g) green wasabi paste

3/4 cup (180 ml) vegetable stock

1/8 tsp kosher salt plus more to taste

freshly ground black pepper


Mix the honey, soy sauce, 1 tbsp olive oil, and the minced garlic into a marinade.

Place the salmon filets in a Tupperware or ziplock bag. Pour the marinade over the salmon and marinate in the the fridge for 30 minutes. Remove from the fridge and let the salmon come to room temperature in the Tupperware.

Preheat oven to 425 F (220 C).

When the salmon is at room temperature, place on a half sheet pan. Pour the marinade over the salmon. Arrange the scallions and cape gooseberries around the salmon. Drizzle a tablespoon of olive oil over the cape gooseberries and scallions.

Bake in the oven for 15 - 18 minutes until the edges of the salmon are slightly charred.

While the salmon is in the oven, prepare the edamame wasabi purée.

Heat the vegetable stock, butter and salt together in a high sided pot. Add the edamame. When the edamame is warm, purée with an immersion blender. Add the wasabi paste and whisk through thoroughly. Reduce heat to very low and whisk every few minutes until the salmon is ready.

When the salmon is ready, remove from the oven and set aside.

Split the edamame wasabi purée onto two plates. Place a salmon filet in each plate on top of the purée. Distribute the cape gooseberries and scallions around the salmon. Top with the pan juices and a few turns of the pepper mill.

Serve immediately.

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