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Mini Fairy Forests

These Mini Fairy Forests will make for enchanting decorations for your holiday table! Whether you’re hosting Christmas Eve or having a festive wine and cheese evening, who wouldn’t be charmed by these pretty glasses? The best thing is that they’re super easy to make.

You will need:

Two water glasses

Artificial or real greenery

Artificial berries

Mini toadstools with wires

Cinnamon sticks

1 battery operated led fairy light chain

The water glasses you use should be fairly heavy to save you the hassle of having them topple over. Just don’t go too big or you might have a hard time filling them up! In our glasses we have artificial holly sprigs, little toadstools with wires (the kind you stick into advent wreaths), cinnamon sticks as branches and sprigs of (fake) red berries. Feel free to change it up though! Have moss growing in your garden? Use that as a forest bed at the bottom of the glass. Different colour berries? Not a problem. The main thing is that you want to make it look lush and forest like.


Start by sticking some of the bigger green prices at the bottom of the glass together with two or three cinnamon sticks. Next comes the end of the fairy light chain which you can loop into the glass until you have a quarter of the entire length in. Follow up with some toadstools, berry sprigs and more greenery. Then loop another quarter of the light chain in there. Give yourself an inch or two (exactly the space between two lights) to the next glass and repeat. With the second glass you’ll have to work with the battery in mind. This you’ll hide behind the glass on the side your guests won’t see or underneath the rim of the nearest plate. You wouldn’t want to spoil the magic!

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