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Kelp Sea Salt

Iodine is essential for your thyroid, which in turn is essential for your heart, brain and muscle function. It’s also in charge of your metabolism, that intricate calorie burning machine. The body doesn’t make iodine, so it needs to be an essential part of your diet! Iodine occurs naturally in dairy products, saltwater fish and shellfish, eggs and kelp, but general iodine absorption can be on the low side at times.

We turn to kelp, which is easily absorbed by the body, to boost our iodine intake, especially when we’re trying to go easy on the dairy. We mix Burlap & Barrel’s Wild Icelandic Kelp with our beloved Maldon salt in a ratio 2:1 for a burst of umami flavour that goes with anything we can possibly think of and just use it as we would a regular table salt. Don’t worry, there’s no fishy taste!

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