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Dusty Rose Cocktail

We recently saw @anothertablespoon post a scrumptious looking cocktail on her feed using pink lemonade and gin and literally felt like 😍. We’ve been waiting for an opportunity to make it ever since! And now we’re hosting an Oscars-let’s-critique-the-heck-out-of-those-dresses-gabfest with our #girlssquad and are seizing that chance and present to you: the Dusty Rose Cocktail. We’ve changed the original recipe slightly, adding some fresh lime juice, a yummy sugar rim and are using @fentimansltd sparking rose lemonade, which is one of our refreshing summer go to’s and just works really well with gin. (US peeps: some @target stores stock this lemonade!) Now the only question is: how are the Oscars going to be without a host? 🤔


Makes 1 cocktail

1 shot glass (1,5 oz, 45 ml) good quality gin

1 cup Fentimans Rose Lemonade

1 tbsp fresh lime juice, retain the squeezed lime for rubbing on the rim of the glass to make the sugar stick.

small bowl of sugar, big enough to fit the rim of the glass and full enough with sugar to be able to press the rim of the glass into it.

lime slices for garnish

sprigs of fresh thyme for garnish

ice cubes

1 12 oz (350 ml) cocktail glass


Rub the rim of the cocktail glass with a lime and press gently down into the bowl of sugar. Lift up carefully and fill a quarter of the glass with ice cubes. Pour in the gin, rose lemonade and lime juice. Stir gently, you don"t want all the bubbles from the sparkling rose lemonade to escape. Garnish with a sprig of fresh thyme and slices of lime. Bottom"s up! Hey, was that Bradley Cooper?

Original recipe by Sue O'Conell,

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